Head and Neck Q15

A 74-A 67-year-old man presents with acute severe pain on the right side of his face. He has type 2 diabetes mellitus and has recently started taking antidepressant medication. On examination, there is a diffuse swelling of the right parotid region from the preauricular area extending to angle of mandible. The skin overlying the swelling is warm and red. Gentle massage of the right parotid gland results in expression of purulent material into the duct orifice intraorally. There are no signs of airway compromise.

Which of the following is the most appropriate initial management plan?

  • A) Intubation
  • B) Surgical drainage
  • C) Broad-spectrum antibiotics and supportive care
  • D) Supportive care only
  • E) Corticosteroid therapy