Rhinology Q7

An 8-year-old boy presents to the emergency department with nasal obstruction. His mother has commented that his breathing has sounded abnormal since he woke up 2 hours ago and therefore brought him to A&E as she was very worried. She has noticed a mucous & blood mixed discharge from his nose. The boy settles when he is comforted by his mother and allows you to examine him. You notice a purulent discharge and absent air entry in the right nostril. You suspect he has inserted a foreign body into his nose.

Which one of the following objects requires emergency removal?

  • A) A dead beetle visible in the nasal cavity
  • B) Button battery visible in the nasal cavity
  • C) A marble stuck in the nasal vestibule
  • D) A raw pork chunk visible in the nasal cavity
  • E) A 50mm copper screw deep in the nasal cavity