The National ENT Undergraduate Question Bank

In partnership with Ques Med, ASCENT have developed an ENT-specific Single-Best-Answer (SBA) Question Bank based on the official SFO-UK undergraduate ENT curriculum in order to provide free, high-quality resources for Medical Finals.

Click here to access the resource (Question Bank, Flash Cards)

We appreciate any feedback on the Question Bank. Click here to access a survey to share your views. 

We would like to thank the following collaborators of this national project:
★Dr Chuanyu Gao – Academic Foundation Doctor
★Dr Chang Woo Lee – Foundation Doctor
★Dr Louis Luke – Foundation Doctor
★Dr Bradley Storey – Foundation Doctor
★Tanya Ta – Medical Student (Norwich)
★Bhavesh Tailor – Medical Student (Cambridge)

We would like to thank the following senior reviewers of this national project:
★ Miss Emma Stapleton – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary
★ Mr Eishaan Bhargava – ENT Registrar, East of England
★ Mr Samuel Dewhurst – ENT Registrar, East of England
★ Miss Caroline Anderson – NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow ENT, UCL

Ques Med is a new, innovative medical learning platform with applied questions, spaced repetition flashcards and progress tracking. Please visit their website to find out more about their resources