The National ENT Undergraduate Question Bank

In partnership with Ques Med, ASCENT have developed an ENT-specific Single-Best-Answer (SBA) Question Bank based on the SFO-UK undergraduate ENT curriculum in order to provide free, high-quality resources for Medical Finals.

Mr Ananth Vijendren (ENT Consultant) recently presented a virtual tutorial for medical students based on SBAs from our Question Bank. The recording of the session is available on YouTube.


Click here to access the resource (Question Bank, Flash Cards)

We appreciate any feedback on the Question Bank. Click here to access a survey to share your views. 


We would like to thank the following collaborators of this national project:
★Dr Chuanyu Gao – Academic Foundation Doctor
★Dr Chang Woo Lee – Foundation Doctor
★Dr Louis Luke – Foundation Doctor
★Dr Bradley Storey – Foundation Doctor
★Tanya Ta – Medical Student (Norwich)
★Bhavesh Tailor – Medical Student (Cambridge)

We would like to thank the following senior reviewers of this national project:
★ Miss Emma Stapleton – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary
★ Mr Eishaan Bhargava – ENT Registrar, East of England
★ Mr Samuel Dewhurst – ENT Registrar, East of England
★ Miss Caroline Anderson – NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow ENT, UCL

Ques Med is a new, innovative medical learning platform with applied questions, spaced repetition flashcards and progress tracking. Please visit their website to find out more about their resources